In a previous life, a whole bunch of us worked at H J Heinz. Some of this was at Harlesden, on one of the greatest computers ever made, the LEOIII. Some was at Watford, mainly the 70's I guess. And some at Hayes, although this was when quite a few of us jumped ship.

Recently, (its now the mid 2010's) we have started to regroup. Events happen, and sometimes old friends die, and we start to revisit old photographs. Well, that's the catalyst for what's happening here. Dear Old John Will has now gone to the great computer room in the sky, and I was looking through some old photos, I found a bunch I couldn't quite date, sent a few of them round, and it stirred up a bit of reaction.
Rather than just consign them to the loft again, I thought I might as well gather them together here:

Currently pics of: