A few pics from our visit 2012

Saturday, we went to see Pete and the excellent United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra
After the show at St Brides there was a bit of a uke boogie bash here's me & Pete

There's some shows you are quite happy to get dragged out of the audience.
Here is Sarah Jones, all the way from Melbourne, and this was her first ever show at the fringe. I think she could have done better picking her ideal stage husband

And making him talk or sing like an eejit

The finale, Sarah wanted a big sexy finish, which we managed but it just doesn't quite come out in this shot
However, it was an excellent show, and suggest you go see her if you get the chance.

Then, there's some shows you would rather not get dragged into. We arrived late for this show, it was called Pandora's Box. Pandora was a stripper from Barnsley, we had to sit in the front row,I say we, but it wasn't long before I was on stage
playing Doctor to Pandora
wishing you weren't!

We also went for an organised walk called Hidden Gardens of the Royal Mile
An old printing works now converted to flats, still retain the hoist on a balcony

Not sleeping, I am studying a bee

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