Sydney and the Blue Mountains 2010

Circular Pier has some good buskers, but my favourite was a fantastic lady mime artist
Say nothing here she is again
I wish I had taken more pictures of the box she was standing on, here is the front inscription
There are lots of lovely young boys in Sydney. Unfortunately we haven't any pictures of them, so here are two old queens
Our first ferry trip Sue at Manly Bay
After visiting the timeball in Lyttleton, we discovered there were 16 working examples left in the whole World. As one of them was in Sydney we thought we should pay a visit. On entering the Observatory I asked the lady there if we could get into the timeball from this part of the building. She replied 'no you cannot get into it all, not from anywhere, and by the way it's not working at the moment'. Perhaps I should contact the good bergers of Lyttleton and tell them to revise their figures. Never mind, here is a picture and you cannot tell from that that it isn't working who said the camera never lies?

Blue Mountains
Kate & G
Kate & Sue
Kate looking for her mobile?
Wentworth Falls is definitely worth a visit, if you look carefully you can just see some steps cut into the rock on the cliff face opposite
If you took the steps, you could walk to the falls
You can just see a couple of folks in the foreground who have walked to the falls see the figure with the red top? (sitting on the rocks below the falls)

Not strictly pics from the trip to the Blue Mts but sort of connected. Whilst there, Kate and I had a uke/singing session one evening, and then (no connection) Kate bought me this chapeau fabuloso which I wore at the Uke at the Unicorn bash on Friday 19th March (just after we had arrived home) so here is G sitting in hat unfortunately the Ancient Unicorn is a notoriously difficult location in which to take photos, but here is hat (only one ball showing unfortunately) G standing

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