Odds & Sods

Bits and pieces

Various stained glass pieces

Me and Mike packed the club out May 27th. How you might ask? well the answer is we were playing in the Ancient Unicorn
The diabolic duo
Trying to harmonize
Do you think Mike's jumper is a bit bright?

Here are a few of my favourite tunes
Always an old Jazz/Blues fave Cakewalking
St James Infirmary Blues
Probably a better way to see it, thanks to Mr Bill Grosart
For my friend Bill - Ace in the Hole a tune that will be forever associated with him and evenings at the Bricklayers
Dr Jazz
Me and my Margaret River blue uke Brother can you spare a dime, a song for our times?
A birthday song wot I wrote for Mike
A song for Amanda on her new job
A song for Mary boat-building diva extraordinaire
Happy Birthday Harmony
A song for Connie going to Uni

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