Perth 2012

Feb 14th to March 14th what a great trip!

Spent a few days in Dunsborough
with Dave, Harmo, Kate & Peter. Good idea whoever thought of it.
A short walk where the Cape to Cape runs, which is more than we managed in the heat
View of Geographe Bay towards Sugarloaf rock
After Dunsborough, Sue & I headed south to Albany, en route we stopped at Prevelly (near Margaret River) where a recent bushfire had caused some bad damage view here to beach
Beach view doesn't show too clearly, here is a closer shot

Albany & environs
Who let this idiot near a harpoon gun ?
Here at the whaling station with my carer
Still at the whaling station it's Sue
Guess where
Our chums were staying at Cosy Corner, the ever lovely George & Mary
Mary is a woman of many talents here is a song for her with thanks to Spencer Williams
Which reminds me....we went to stay with Mary & George up in the hills. Mary recommended an unusual garden centre called Mia Flora, out towards Karragullen. As well as selling the usual shrubs they have some fantastic metal artwork & sculptures. Here is an example
Looking in more detail at the canopy, it is made up of leaves, grapes and teasels here is a close up
On the way back from Albany to Perth we stopped at the treetop walk of the giant trees (or something like that). Here is Sue on the elevated walkway
And here she has been shrunk to the size of a mouse
And I forget where this was but my wife informs me it is Peaceful Bay

Fremantle Market Bar
Dave & Harmony in the background left is Meredith Higgins, she played the set before Lou and was very good, check her out at she is well worth seeing, as well as being a lovely person
They have some fine examples of stained glass in the bar like this
The girl we had gone to see it's Louise playing

Part of the Open Air Sculpture exhibish Harmo, Dave and car
G, Harmo, Dave & square rigger

Shots from Kate's Party
Looking fantastic the star of the show
With Harmony & Harry
A rare shot of me not wearing anything stupid on my head here with the missus but still managing to look stupid, a rare gift I think you'll agree
This is a bit soft (photographer unknown!G,S, Dee & Cherie
Sue, Harmony, Laura and someone I don't know
Group of David, H, Jo, Russell, G
Sue & Dee
Sam & Harry
Sam & Kaitlyn
Here is one for the caption competition .......

Kate's birthday meal
Mr & Mrs L
Harmo & Gemma
Gemma & Sarah
Gemma, Sarah & Peter
A bit of a long shot but it's Kate, Harry & Naomi
My lovely wife
And here we are again
What's going on?no more pics please!
Sue, G and menu don't ask!
Naome & Dave

Round and about Hensman Road
A woman's work is never done Dee, Cherie & Kate hard at it
It's Laura but you can make up your own caption
OK it's not Hensman Road, it's Peter at the office
At the Subiaco market every Saturday, here is a wee uke gathering with my new chums
And here is another one
Our last night in Perth saw us at the concert hall to watch the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain with
Kate, Peter, Bobbie & Chris
Someone had the bright idea of putting these fliers on seats throughout the auditorium. Well done them, here is side one and here is side two
And finally...I'm sure there might be some pics of Harmo where she doesn't look fantastic, but I've yet to come across any

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