A small selection from Sept '10

To celebrate Chris & Bobbie's vist all the way from WA we had a Ukes in the Unicorn bash

Some of the motley crew

Bobbie, Chris & G

Chris & G

Only the very lucky get such hats look....G in hat a present from Kate x

Jill, Chris, G & Tess

Jill, Chris & G

Mike & Pete

Pete & Jill

Or you can look at Bill's pics with sound this runs for around 13 minutes, and Bill has put together a very nifty YouTube piece.

Also Pete features on another Uke site, where he goes by the name of Peter Baynes there's posh eh? Possibly some of you might recognize him more from this pic from my 60th when he brought along his friend the Ostrich
Or, and this is poor quality you could see a clip of Pete and his friend
Many thanks to Bill Grosart for taking a great series of pics
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